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Experience the world's best Gantt charts for project management

See why top companies likeIBM, GoogleandShopeetrust FlytimeGantt for project management.

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Stick to your plan beautifully, with Gantt charts.

Instantly visualize all aspects of your project. Share and manage tasks, meetings, and content in a truly elegant workplace.
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Drill down in seconds.

One-touch discussions are available at individual task, milestone and project level.
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Stay in touch with your people.

Monitor your team’s availability and performance in the same place as you oversee workflow.
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Built for seamless collaboration.

Each member of your team sees the same Gantt chart, updating in real time. No need to refresh your browser!

What our customers say

You can really feel the spirit of collaboration with FlytimeGantt. When everyone’s working remotely, it’s the little things, like real-time updating and granular discussion, that make a distributed group of workers feel like a team.
Michael Williams
As a manager, having a bird’s eye view on all projects is essential, and I like the way Flytime does it with the management tab. Everything I need to see is there in one place but without any extraneous information. They got the balance just right.
Paul Loh
If you need a Gantt chart, just go for Flytime. You can trial all the platforms you like, but I reckon you’ll fall in love with this one.
Angela Chan
Simply the best online Gantt chart I have tried.
Matthew Brown
The interface is simple, clean, and fluid. It’s so much more natural to use that any of the project management software I used before, Gantt or otherwise.
Angel Chen

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